Introducing Micro-Deals

a Micro Deal is a location-based deal, coupon, cashback or loyalty product that is exposed to a limited audience for a limited time.

Last Call is applying the latest technologies and the industry experience in Mico-Transaction Economy to the Daily Deals Market.
It's about time to have fast-paced AI-Generated Streams to the Deal Industry and Localization Industry!

Our goal is to make promotional shopping simple and exciting by connecting people to their local businesses in real time.

Leverage the Impulse Marketing from a newer angel.


No more missing out, no more time wasted searching for your deal! Browse through our collection of curated and Last Call exclusive deals. Don't see anything you like? Demand a deal! 
Last Call will learn your preferences with each interaction to serve you better!


 No more shooting in the dark! See the real-time potential customers close to your location and what they demand. Customize your campaigns based on informed decisions. Sell and see your results instantanously.

The 'Last Call'

Last Call helps customers by providing centralized convenient access to relevant last minute promotions in their location.
Last Call helps businesses leverage the real-time local market faster than ever before! 


Our business model is Subscription and Pay-Per-Action however, We are completely free for now. We will never charge businesses unless we offer a value to them and of course, we are completely forever FREE for customers!

We are focused on offering last minute local deals faster than the competitors. We don't want to spam customers or over-charge businesses. Our model is to offer a voice to customers and visibility to businesses.

YES! We don't share or sell your data to businesses.

If you like saving money, then of course! no subscription or login needed. you can start using the app. 

If you like selling and have a physical location for your business, yes again! We are the fastest short time marketing platform out there that gives your business visibility. Best of all, we are complete free! 

Want to access Last Call now?

Partner with us to help tailor the product you want and enjoy the perk of being a Last Call Champion.