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[TBD] -- Making a sales campaign has never been easier! Now you can create a good quality deal by just following simple steps. We appreciate the time you are investing to get better results for your business and would like for you to get the best value out of it! 

TL;DR, Make sure you have high quality images for your campaigns. The keywords you use can be searched and best to use are the names and types of your product on sale and relative keywords. Avoid using repeatative and generic content. Be as accurate as possible in describing your campaign.

Our research has shown that a good image can change the decision of 65% of your customers in the first 5 seconds. Tips for a good image are: good resolution and quality, correct aspect ratio, no text in the image and finally good color balance! Remeber that customers first see your campaign beside other campaigns and if it is pale in color, they imght ignore it!

The keywords are the next important item. Make sure you describe the product and the sales value accurately to entice the customers. Also remember that our app has search capability and customers might directly search for the product or type of deal they are searching for. Be desriptive in your content. Communicate the passion you have for your product and tell customers why you are willing to give them an awesome discout and why it is worth it!

Say you want to promote your Cheese burgers in the evening. The first thing to pay attention - after images - is the content, How you present the campaign with it's title is the next key item. A good title is not too long and not too short. Uses the right keywords and is easy to read and understand. 

We are sure you understand the value and hardship of gaining customers trust and making a reputation. The most important thing to remember when creating a campaign in Last Call is to be honest and accurate. Nothing is better than reaching out and conveying the correct intended message to customers!

If you have any questions or trouble with setting up your account, creating and sharing your campaigns or getting analytics or value from your your Last Call, reach us at Also visit our FAQ section.

We will be glad you help you out and get you going!